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Transform Your Mobile Device


Scan - Email - Copy - Fax - Recognize Text (OCR)


The ScanJig portable scanning stand holds your smart tablet or phone in the correct position for fast, precisely aligned scans of documents, checks, books and photos.


The innovative angled design supports tablets, captures more light, avoids casting shadows and allows access to the touch screen from the seated position. 



Scan Aligned, Focused, Documents And Share Them With Confidence
Assistive Technology
Helps those with Fine Motor Difficulties, Tremors and the Visually Impaired


A stable platform that provides easy tactile and guided positioning of both your mobile device and document. Access the touch screen from the seated position. Get correct alignment and field of view on the first scan.

Neat Images - Avoid Shadows
Improve Text Recognition (OCR)


Get focused and aligned scans.  ScanJig's patented angled design helps capture more light. Avoid casting shadows when hovering over the document.

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Faster Scans
Can You Scan 10 Pages A Minute With Your Smart Device?


Open the ScanJig, place your phone, and start scanning in seconds. With built-in guides you can quickly capture many document pages.

Travel Friendly
Scan Anywhere, Anytime


Rugged, durable, folds down flat and snaps shut to easily fit in a backpack or suitcase.

Fewer Steps
No Additional Hardware or Connections

Use the solution you know and trust - your own phone or tablet.

Scan With Tablets
Supports A Variety Of Devices


Firm support for tablets up to the iPad Pro 12.9 inch model. Access the touch screen from the seated position.

What customers are saying about the new ScanJig


Heather Hopper, Occupational Therapist, explains how her student has gained more independence using the SnapType App & ScanJig - Read More


I use a ScanJig with an IPhone and the KNFB Reader. I have explored several other scanning stands and  have found your device to be the most intuitive and user friendly.  Andrew Godwin - Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired


I like to support people who take the time to make a quality product and actually listen to their customers." Richard Turner, Oregon Commission for the Blind.

The ScanJig - "takes a lot of the frustration out of reading". Carla Rushival - ACB Radio


I'm so very pleased with my ScanJig. It is perfect! No blurs, no shadows of my hands or phone from ceiling lights. I use blue tooth shutter release to further eliminate movement caused by my shaky hands. - Amazon Customer Review


"It works perfectly with both the KNFB Reader and Text Grabber" - "I couldn't be happier with it.  Thanks for developing such a useful item." Denis Nelson, Moultrie, GA 


I purchased the scanjig because I have use of only one hand and my bank's app requires me to photograph checks as I deposit them.
This product immediately let me setup, focus, and hit the shutter button one-handed. - Amazon Customer Review


"This is a really great and useful tool and I am definitely going to be using it a lot.  Again,  many thanks for this." Kay Malmquist, KNFB Reader user.


"A great accessory for our iPhone/iPad fleet managment solution" Maureen Quintanar, bulk trucking professional Los Angeles


"The beauty of the ScanJig is that it can hold anything from a smart phone to a tablet."  Visually impaired user


"The Scanjig fits perfectly with me striving for a minimalist office."  Australian Customer



Voice Dream Scanner app release

This inexpensive OCR app has just emerged from Beta testing.  It's a simple to use text recognition tool for Text-to-Speech conversion and fast PDF emailing. iOS or Android  Read More


Seeing AI works with scanning stand

How to use the Microsoft Seeing AI app with a document scanning stand. Read More


Scanner Pro - updated with new iOS 12 functions

Drag a photo of a document from a browser, email, or your Photo Gallery to scan it. After scanning, drag it into an email or store in any other app. More


Apple Introduces iPad Pro 11 inch model

The ScanJig Pro - Optimized for Tablets is now available. This new option supports tablets up to the larger Apple iPad Pro 11 inch model.

Apple iOS 12 Includes new scan feature in Notes

With iPad Pro and the new Notes app, scanning a document has never been easier. The new OS has been described by Apple as “a giant step for the iPhone, a monumental leap for the iPad”.  Learn more: Video


Adobe Scan - Enhanced Business Card Capture

Turns business cards into editable PDFs and automatically adds the information from scanned English-language business cards to your device’s contacts. Adobe Scan


New Prizmo Go app - Aim at text. Shoot. It's yours! Prizmo Go lets you quickly grab printed text with the camera.


Adobe Reader for iOS & Android Now Includes Scan-to-PDF

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android and iOS includes a scan function, allowing you to snap a picture of a business card, receipt, contract, or whiteboard and save it as a PDF. Video


Google Pixel Phone

The new Google Pixel works with the ScanJig scanning stand to improve productivity and text recognition.

Google Photoscan

With just a few taps of this free scanning app, old photos get new life when they are instantly transformed into digital shareable moments. Photoscan


Dropbox Paper - new scanning app for both iOS and Android

Dropbox's mobile app will now let you snap a photo of any document containing text, and the software will automatically convert it into a file in your account. Dropbox Paper uses optical character recognition, you can then search for words found within the document to resurface the image later.


See video demonstration using KNFB Reader app to scan a book.


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