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A Review of the new ScanJig Pro Scanning Stand

Heather Hopper, OTR has been helping a young student with cerebral palsy use the SnapType app on the iPad. By adding the ScanJig scanning stand the 3rd grader has found it much easier to navigate the app.

Here is the feedback from Heather:

I am an occupational therapist in the school setting in Corydon, Indiana. I have a 3rd grader named Adam at Corydon Elementary School on my caseload who has cerebral palsy and cannot physically write, as he has trouble grasping a pencil. He can however extend his finger to type. He does not have any cognitive delays and is working on 3rd grade level. I currently have him using an iPad with the snaptype app (this is an app that after you take a photo of the worksheet, it provides text boxes for him to type his answers, then email his worksheet to the teacher), and google docs to type other written classroom assignments. Since he has decreased hand/arm control, it is hard for him to hold the iPad steady and take pictures.

Prior to using the ScanJig, another staff member, or his mom, would come in and take photos of his weekly worksheets so he could complete the classwork.

One of his goals that he has now met is that he is able to take his own snaptype photos since the ScanJig stabilizes the iPad and the worksheet thus allowing him to take the picture by himself. He is taking his own pictures each day, which frees up staff members to work with other children in the building. This also gives him a sense of independence since he is not relying on his mom to help.


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