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Quickly Scan Perfectly Aligned & Focused Documents - With Your Smart Device

Can You Scan 100 Pages In 10 Minutes With Your Phone Or Tablet?

Unleash the scanning power of your iPad, iPhone or iPod with ScanJig. Use your favorite document scanner app and ScanJig to get faster scans with impressive image quality.

Scan To Share - at home, on the road or in the office you can share neat looking documents via email, fax or air-print.

Upload To The Cloud - go paperless, with ready access to your device's touch screen and simple document alignment, items can be quickly uploaded to your cloud service making them easy to find, use and share.

Make Documents Searchable - images are the correct size with improved quality for more accurate recognition of text, barcodes and marks. Also, ScanJig's design helps you avoid casting a shadow on the document.

Wireless, no electrical adaptors or battery power needed.

Manufactured in the United States.


ScanJig is a simple stand that holds your iPad or iPhone in the correct position as you use a scanner app to capture perfectly aligned documents. Now you can increase productivity by quickly scanning documents or photos with great image quality and fewer adjustments. Digitize that pile of papers, shoebox full of photos, forms, multi-page documents, invoices, receipts and checks.

Improve Productivity and Accuracy

Smart device document scanner apps continue to mature with many new features and improved navigation. Nevertheless, you still need to stand over each item and move the smart device until you get a full view, take the image without shaking, then use the app to better define page borders, de-skew images and adjust quality. And do all this without casting a shadow on the document.

These problems go away when you add the ScanJig stand. Now a very powerful, high quality scanning solution is possible using just your familiar smart device. Just snap the picture and move to the next item. Your smart device becomes a better scanner producing images with uniform size and consistent quality.

Mobile devices feature high resolution cameras (greater than 5 megapixels) that capture great images in regular room light. ScanJig’s open design takes advantage of new camera technology and available light.

The solution also allows you to work in a more comfortable and productive seated position with easy access to your device’s touch screen.

Assistive technology - the visually impaired can use the stand to place their smart device and document in fixed positions. High quality images can be quickly captured and more accurately processed using Text-To-Speech (TTS) software. Access World - "ScanJig did well with a variety of documents, including a business letter, sentences on a page and part of a contract."

Supported devices:

iPhone (4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C)

iPad (3, 4)

iPad Air

iPod (5)

iPad Mini


Galaxy (3, 4)

ScanJig parts are made from very light weight polymer. With simple assembly, requiring no tools or fasteners, ScanJig's unique design provides the strength to hold smart devices up to a full sized tablet.

ScanJig currently supports up to 8.5x11 or A4 size paper. Business cards, checks, photos and many other items can be imaged as well. A flat black sheet is included to help apps automatically detect borders when scanning smaller items.

ScanJig models for other paper sizes and smart device families are coming soon.

ScanJig is Patent-Pending. The ScanJig logo is Trade-Marked.

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