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Optional Accessory

Book Scanning Support Bracket



A bracket is provided to help support the ScanJig when scanning books. 

The bracket is designed to plug into two small rectangular holes that can be found on the underside of the ScanJig.

To scan books, tilt the ScanJig up until the Document Bed is lying flat on the table and the bottom that was flat on the table is facing you.  Then, find the two rectangular holes in the bottom of the ScanJig, which is now facing you, and insert the bracket to help stabilize the ScanJig in this new position. 

In this orientation a book can be laid on the ScanJig’s Document Bed and the phone's camera can be positioned to point down at the book. 

Also, the Peel and Stick stops can be helpful in securing your phone and marking the best position for your device.  Note: It is recommended that only smart phones be used for scanning in this mode. 

Finally, make sure there is good room lighting and/or turn on the phone's flash.

ScanJig stand oriented for book scanning
ScanJig stand oriented for book scanning showing a novel being scanned
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