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Scanner Pro - How to turn off the automatic border detection feature when using a scanning stand

A scanning stand accessory will hold your iPhone or iPad steady, aligned and at the correct distance as you use the Scanner Pro app to scan multiple documents. When scanning many pages, intelligent border detection can actually get in the way and slow productivity.

There are a couple of ways to make the scanning process more efficient.

My favorite method is to take a picture of files with the iPhone's Camera app first and then launch the Scanner Pro app. Go to scanning mode (tap the big orange + button) and tap the picture icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select all the pictures that you have taken, select the processing type at the top center (e.g., Black and White) and tap Done to create a scan. This method is a fast way to create a multipage document and then share it.

The second approach is to set the borders manually while scanning. To do so, go to the scanning mode (tap big orange + button) and tap the top right corner to change scanning mode from Auto to Manual. Make sure you have the latest version of Scanner Pro loaded or the selection will not be there. Earlier versions do not show the Manual Mode button. In the Manual scanning mode just snap the file and tap Select All at the top of the screen.

Readdle has added the Disable Border Detection function to the Scanner Pro wish list, it may be implemented sometime in the future. For now, these methods work well when you have a lot of scanning to do.

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