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Google PhotoScan App - Turbo Charged! How To Scan Photos More Productively

Capturing printed photos with your smart phone can be tedious and image quality can vary dramatically. With Google's Photo Scan App, and the help of a scanning stand, you can quickly convert hundreds of photos into a digital format to share with friends or family.

To demonstrate, we used the ScanJig scanning stand to hold a mobile phone at the correct focal distance and at the same angel as the photo. ScanJig's angled design helps capture more room light, avoid shadows and reduce glare.

We found that with proper room lighting both the PhotoScan's flash and anti-glare features could be disabled. This eliminated glare caused by the flash. In addition, the time consuming process of using the app's anti-glare adjustments were no longer needed.

Flat black card stock comes with the ScanJig. Placed behind the photo, this black matt sheet provides perfect contrast and helps the app automatically detect photo borders eliminating or reducing the need for manual border adjustments.

The result - just snap the picture and move to the next photo.

The stand is adjustable and can be used with a variety of iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets).

Although it does not appear the app is certified for an iPad we were able to download the app to an iPad Air. The field of view was that of an iPhone but it did work.

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