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KNFB Reader App - How to scan a book using "Document Stand" mode

The KNFB Reader app is designed to help blind and visually impaired users to recognize text and convert the text to speech.

This video demonstrates how to scan a book using the app and an iPhone.

To capture pages automatically the app can be used with a scanning stand for hands free imaging of the book pages. As the pages are turned the app beeps until it senses no movement. After the page is steady, the app recognizes the text and automatically snaps the picture. Then turn to the next page and the process repeats.

For this demonstration we have chosen a non-fiction history of Cleopatra. The pages are all text with no pictures.

We'll scan the first chapter (batch) and then the reader will immediately convert the text to speech. This will include the chapter title, subtitle and then the body text.

To set up the KNFB Reader for automatic scanning using the Document Stand mode make the following adjustments:

First, at the top right corner of the home screen select the Settings button and turn the flashlight always on.

Then back up to the Home screen.

At the bottom of the KNFB Reader screen select the middle button and then set the document type to multi column since we'll be scanning two book pages at a time.

Then set the Batch button in the lower right hand part of the screen to On.

Finally, select the Profile button in the lower right hand corner of the home screen and set that to Document Stand mode.

A dialog box will pop up which tells the user to place the phone on the empty stand with no book present.

This allows the KNFB Reader to calibrate itself. Then select OK on the dialog box to close the box.

You can now place the book on the stand and start the scanning process. You can use batch mode or choose to read one page a time. Use a paper weight to hold your place between reads.

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