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KNFB Reader - Exploring ways to scan a book

There are basically two ways to scan a book using the KNFB Reader app with the aid of the ScanJig scan stand. The app has two profiles that can be used - Manual Picture profile or Document Stand profile.

Method 1 - Manual Picture profile selection.

This first method is fairly straight forward, select the Manual profile using the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Using the lower middle button select single or multi column. If the book is small enough this selection might be multi to capture two pages a time.

Next, I placed the phone on the stand.

Then I placed the book on the document bed using the guides to square and align the book with the view finder.

Holding the book open on the margin I then manually selected the shutter button.

The app subsequently started to read both pages. When the reading stopped I pressed the back button in the upper left hand corner of the Read screen. This brought me back to the home screen. I turned the page and captured another two pages.

I also placed a paper weight on the book to hold my spot.

The manual method can also be used with single column.

Batch can be turned on to capture more than just two pages. To test this I turned the page two times and captured a total of 4 pages. Then I pressed the Back button and the app read all 4 pages.

Method 2 - Document Stand profile.

This gets more complex, the app authors intended to automate the capture process by allowing hands free shutter activation.

To set this up, I selected multi column using the document type button in the lower middle of the screen.

Then I pressed the Batch on/off button in the lower right part of the screen to turn it On.

Finally, I selected the Document Stand profile option using the button in the lower right corner of the home screen.

At this point a message pops up - "Place your device on an empty document stand and align the camera with the aperture." and then press OK.

As I slid the book onto the document bed, and aligned it, there is a beeping sound and then an announcement "Text Found" and the shutter activates. I then turned the page. The software senses the movement, waits for a steady state and then activates the shutter automatically. After doing this 5 times I had captured a total of 10 pages.

Finally I pressed the Batch button and turned it Off

The app then says "analyzing pages" and starts to read.

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